China and India have been neighbours since an early 18th century. Since this time, parts of India have been heavily influenced by Chinese culture and cuisine. Imagine devouring a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and tangy mouthwatering dishes, our food puts a twist on an authentic Indian dish that makes it irresistible. After relishing this food in different parts of the country, we have decided to share this cuisine.

Our food truck brings you a perfect fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines, with culinary specialists who have practical experience in this food, besides providing prompt service and savoury dishes at affordable prices.

Our menu contains a variety of popular foods from different Indian and Chinese cultures. Although they derive from the streets of India and China, we prepare and serve them in a more appealing manner. An abundance of our dishes has received acclaim for their creativity. Our dishes have been created after a great deal of research and experimentation to specifically cater to Indo-Chinese cuisine.

The entire experience from the atmosphere to the palatable food will make you want to come again and again.